The main goal of the Ukrainian Nuclear Society is to unite the efforts of scientists, specialists, teachers, students, schoolchildren who work or study in the field of nuclear energy, nuclear research and related fields for the dissemination of scientific knowledge, the combination of intellectual and industrial forces, and the comprehensive solution of urgent tasks the development of nuclear science, technology and technologies based on the use of nuclear energy, the formation of objective public opinion and people’s trust in the nuclear industry, as well as for the protection of the rights and freedoms of the Society’s members, the satisfaction and development of their social, creative, scientific and professional interests .

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The Ukrainian Nuclear Society was established in 1993. During its existence, UkrNS made a significant contribution to the solution of many scientific, industrial and social problems of the nuclear energy industry of Ukraine. In its activities, the Society pays great attention to the culture of safety at the enterprises of the industry, works with youth, the public, and mass media, solves environmental problems of nuclear energy, actively carries out information and educational, career guidance and publishing activities, participates in solving issues of training specialists for nuclear energy.

In its current activities, the Society is actively involved in solving many problems challenges facing the Ukrainian nuclear power industry.

Representatives of the Ukrainian Nuclear Society are actively cooperating with the authorities state authorities, are part of the Public Councils under the Ministry of Energy, State Nuclear Regulation and others. UkrNS establishes and develops cooperation with other organizations, institutions of the nuclear industry and leading specialized Ukrainian and foreign universities.

Since May 2019, UkrNS has become a full member of the European Nuclear Society.

The Ukrainian Nuclear Society is the initiator and organizer of round tables, conferences, international forums, educational projects, scientific and creative competitions.

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Such activities ensure the collection, analysis and dissemination of relevant and reliable information for the purpose of solving current problems of the nuclear energy complex of Ukraine.

In 2019 and 2020, the analytical report “Impact of nuclear industry on the development of Ukraine” demonstrated the overall contribution of the nuclear industry in Ukraine’s energy security and energy independence, economic and social development, environmental protection and reduction of CO2 emissions.

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As a part of UkrNS, 11 separate units that were created on the basis of leading enterprises and institutions of the nuclear industrial complex of Ukraine.

Among them are nuclear power plants, service divisions, organizations of scientific and technical support, research institutes, industrial associations and enterprises of the uranium mining industry of Ukraine.

Thanks to the active work and initiatives of separate divisions, dozens of events are held every year that contribute to the popularization of nuclear energy and development of the Ukrainian nuclear industry.

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