Ukrainian Nuclear Society was created in 1992. The main objectives of the Society are to maintain the interests of the scientists and specialists who works in the field of nuclear energy applications as well as to participate in solving of vital problems of the safe utilization of technologies and phenomena based on dealing with ionizing radiation, nuclear fission and thermonuclear fusion. Ukrainian Nuclear Society took part in the solving of the scientific, industrial and social problems of Ukrainian nuclear power. In its activity UkrNS pays great attention to the culture of the safety at the Ukrainian nuclear enterprises. UkrNS works with youth, public and mass media, solves the ecological and staff problems, carry out the publish works.

At present time there are 28 organizations and about 400 persons in the ranks of the UkrNS members. Ukrainian Nuclear Society active cooperates with Nuclear Society of the worlds, foreign and home nuclear industry enterprises.

In its work Ukrainian Nuclear Society uses wide range of the means that make more active work of the scientists, operators and youth. One of these means is conferences and seminars on the most actual problems of nuclear power.

UkrNS is initiator of the some competitions, carries out methodical work, assists in collecting and spreading of information which connecting with nuclear power industry problems.

UkrNS publishes the “Ukrainian nuclear society news” magazine. There are the analytical, problems, discussion articles of the home country and foreign specialists, information from NPPs on the pages of the magazine.