Partner organisations

European Nuclear Society (ENS)

The European Nuclear Society (ENS) is a scientific society that brings together more than 12,000 professionals from academia, research centers, industry and government.

ENS contributes to the development of nuclear science and technology, and to the understanding of the peaceful uses of nuclear energy. Founded in 1975, ENS is the largest nuclear science, research and industry society in Europe.

Since 2019, UkrNS has been a member of the European Nuclear Society

American Nuclear Society (ANS)

ANS is the largest professional organization of scientists, engineers, and other professionals engaged in the peaceful applications of nuclear science and technology in the United States. Its more than 10,000 members, from 50+ countries, come from diverse technical disciplines ranging from physics and nuclear safety to operations and power, and from across the full spectrum of the national and international enterprise, including government, academia, research laboratories, and private industry. Making it all succeed are a Board of Directors, 20 standing committees, 19 Professional Divisions, 41 Local Sections, 58 Student Sections, liaison agreements with more than 30 non-U.S. nuclear societies, and a headquarters staff of about 35 people.

SE NNEGC «Energoatom»

The state enterprise “National Nuclear Energy Generating Company “Energoatom” is the largest producer of electricity in Ukraine.

The company is the operator of four nuclear power plants — Zaporizhzhia, Rivne, South Ukrainian and Khmelnytsky, which operate 15 nuclear power units (13 VVER-1000 type power units and two VVER-440 power units) with a total installed capacity of 13,835 MW) The company also includes the Tashlyk HPP (453 MW), Oleksandrivska HPP (25 MW) and the Centralized Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage Facility in the Chernobyl Zone.

Zaporizhzhia NPP

The largest nuclear power plant in Europe, one of the three largest nuclear power plants in the world. The ZANP has 6 power units with a total capacity of 6,000 MW, generates half of nuclear electricity and more than a fifth of the total electricity production in the country.

Since the start of operation, the ZNPP has produced more than 1 trillion kWh of electricity, which is a world-class achievement.

It is the only nuclear power plant in Ukraine that has its own storage of spent nuclear fuel, the operation of which allows to save tens of millions of dollars annually.On the basis of the educational and training center of the Zaporizhzhya NPP, a center for special training of repair personnel for the nuclear power industry was created, with a unique on a global scale full-scale simulator of the reactor installation of the VVER-1000 power unit. Not only Ukrainian specialists, but also international specialists under separate contracts are trained at the repair and maintenance personnel training center.

Rivne NPP

The RNPP has four power units with a total installed capacity of 2 million 835 thousand kW, which meet modern international safety requirements. The design coefficient of use of the installed capacity is 74.2%.

RNPP produces about 19 billion kWh of electricity annually. This is 21.6% of the production by nuclear power plants and 12% of the total electricity production in the country.

A modern complex for the processing of radioactive waste, which includes fragmentation, cementation, pressing and activity measurement units, has been put into operation at the RNPP.

Khmelnytskyi NPP

The total design capacity is 4,000 MW. The first unit was connected to the network in 1988.
It is located in the Slavut district of the Khmelnytskyi region in the floodplain of the Horyn River. Construction began in 1981. As a result of the adoption of the moratorium, the construction of other blocks was frozen. The second power unit was commissioned in 2004. 

City of Khmelnytskyi energy workers – Netishyn.

South Ukrainian NPP

The South Ukrainian Energy Complex is the only enterprise in Ukraine with integrated use of basic nuclear and shunting hydraulic storage capacities. The complex is located in the north of the Mykolaiv region. and unites the South-Ukrainian NPP, the Tashlyk HPP and the Oleksandrivskaya HPP.

Annually, the energy complex produces 17-20 billion kWh of electricity, which is almost 10% of the total production in the country and about 20% of the generation at Ukrainian nuclear power plants. Projects for the reconstruction of the technical water supply system of the SUNPP are being implemented at the SUNPP, and the completion of the Tashlytsky HPP is also underway.

Separate subdivision of SE “NAEK” Energoatom «ATOMREMONTSSERVIS»

Atomremontservis was created with the aim of high-quality and efficient performance of complex and above-regulatory works on the design, installation, repair, reconstruction and modernization of equipment of NPPs of Ukraine. The production activity of the ARS in the field of nuclear energy use is carried out on the basis of 6 licenses and 16 permits. Today ARS is known as a reliable partner in the implementation of international projects at industrial facilities in Poland, Hungary, and Bulgaria. One of the main functions of the separate unit is complex engineering and technical support for repair work at Ukrainian nuclear power plants. The task of the ARS VP is also the training, retraining and maintenance of high professionalism and qualification of repair personnel.

Eastern mining and processing plant

Eastern mining and processing plant is one of the ten largest producers of uranium (2% of world production) and is the only enterprise in Ukraine that provides mining of uranium ore and production of natural uranium concentrate. The enterprise provides up to 40% of the uranium needs of Ukrainian nuclear plants. But the highly professional team sets a strategic goal – 100% provision of the needs of the domestic nuclear power industry in uranium raw materialsю

State Scientific and Technical Center for Nuclear and Radiation Safety (NDTC NRR)

State Scientific and Technical Center for Nuclear and Radiation Safety (NDTC NRR)- a modern state enterprise that takes care of the safety of the population and the environment during the generation of atomic energy and when handling nuclear materials. The National Nuclear Research Center of Ukraine has the status of dual subordination: to the State Nuclear Regulation Inspection of Ukraine and to the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Since 1992, the company has been providing comprehensive expert assessment services, analysis and development of recommendations regarding the safety of nuclear installations and radiation technologies, risk assessment from their use, emergency response technologies and systems; scientific and technical support of systems for accounting for nuclear materials and control over their storage; development of rules and standards in the field of nuclear and radiation safety. In addition, the modern mobile measuring equipment used by the National Nuclear Research and Development Center allows to identify threats of nuclear terrorism, radiation anomalies, and to check for the content of radioactive substances in locations, buildings, construction materials, machinery, living organisms, food products, etc.

Educational and Scientific Institute of Atomic and Thermal Energy of KPI Igor Sikorsky University

On October 4, 2021, at a meeting of the University’s Academic Council, a decision was made to establish an Educational and Scientific Institute of Atomic and Thermal Energy The activities of the Educational and Scientific Institute of Atomic and Thermal Energy carried out on the basis of existing departments, as well as on the basis of new divisions:

  • Training and research center for reliability and safety of nuclear power plants (jointly with NAEK “Energoatom” and DNTC NPP);
  • Educational and Scientific Center for the Support of Nuclear Security (jointly with the IAD of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine);
  • Research and experimental laboratory of processes in energy equipment;
  • Educational and scientific laboratory of computer modeling in energy;
  • Educational and scientific laboratory of methodical support of Internet technologies in energy.

The reorganization of the thermal energy faculty will contribute to the improvement of the quality of training and retraining of specialists for the energy industry and their integration into the European and global scientific and technical space; increasing the volume and quality of scientific research, scientific and innovative activities, deepening their connection with the solution of urgent and promising problems of the industry; the maximum increase in demand on the labor market for graduates of energy specialties, the increase in the level of popularity of energy specialties among potential applicants, and the growth of financial and other incomes to the university to improve its material and technical base.

Research and Production Enterprise “ATOM KOMPLEKS PRILAD”

Created in 1991. The company’s products are systems, devices, methods, etc software for controlling man-made environmental pollution environment and technological control of radioactivity at nuclear cycle enterprises.

JSC “Kyiv Research and Design Institute “Energoproekt”

The largest design institute of Ukraine. Participated in the design of a number of Ukrainian and foreign nuclear power plants.

Developer of nuclear power plant safety systems.

Throughout the entire period of its activity, KIEP occupies a leading position in Ukraine in the field of development and implementation of nuclear, thermal and non-traditional energy projects, as well as in the field of housing and civil construction.

JSC Kharkiv Research and Design Institute “Energoproekt”

Design institute of the “nuclear” profile. Participated in the design of a number of Ukrainian and foreign nuclear power plants.

Developer of nuclear power plant safety systems.

National Scientific Center “Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology” of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Kharkiv Physical and Technical Institute (KhPTI, previously called Ukrainian FTI), one of the oldest and largest centers of physical science in Ukraine, was established in 1928 with the aim of developing current scientific directions (at that time – nuclear physics and solid state physics).
Currently, the KhPTI has a large number of unique experimental facilities, including a number of electronic and ion accelerators, including the largest linear electron accelerator in the CIS, a family of thermonuclear installations “Hurricane”, a large research and experimental production. About 350 candidates and 80 doctors of science, 5 active members of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and 7 corresponding members of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine work in the institute. More than fifty people are laureates of State and named awards. Over the past 15 years, employees of the institute have written about 40 monographs. The Institute maintains and develops relations with many international organizations and scientific centers (IAEA, CERN, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna, etc.).

  • Currently, more than 200 scientists of the institute are conducting fundamental research with the support of various international foundations and organizations. The regional center of the international nuclear information system of the IAEA is operating. Work on the creation of a technology park at the institute based on the technology parks of foreign countries has been developed. The main scientific directions of the work of the NSC KhFTI are:
  • Solid state physics.
  • Physics of radiation phenomena and radiation materials science.
  • Technology of materials.
  • Plasma physics and controlled thermonuclear fusion.
  • Nuclear physics, physics of electromagnetic interactions, physics and technology of electronic accelerators.
  • Plasma electronics and physics of high-power beams.
  • Physics and technology of accelerators of heavy charged particles. New methods of acceleration.
  • Theoretical physics.
  • Nuclear energy.

Association “Ukrainian Nuclear Insurance Pool”

The Nuclear Insurance Pool of Ukraine was created in November 2003 to insure nuclear risks on the basis of joint and several liability. Members of the pool are 29 insurance companies of Ukraine

Institute of NPP Safety Problems of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

The institute consists of seven departments, three of which are united in the Interbranch Scientific and Technical Center “Shelter”:

  • department of safe operation of nuclear power plants; department of atomic energy;
  • nuclear power plant decommissioning department,
  • department for designing objects with radiation and nuclear technologies;
  • nuclear and radiation safety department of the “Shelter” facility;
  • department of measuring and diagnostic systems;
  • department of radiation technologies, materials science and environmental research.

Since 2004, the institute’s topics have been developed in two directions : work aimed at ensuring the safety of nuclear power plants, and work on solving the problems of the “Shelter” facility and the decommissioning of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

Energy Safety Group

Energy Safety Group (ES Group) implements projects at energy facilities in Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia, and Armenia, constantly expanding the geography of its activities.

Company – is the expert in managing complex projects aimed at increasing the efficiency, reliability and safety of energy facilities.

ES Group is guided by the slogan “Engineering of high standards”, which is achieved due to the implemented management system in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 19443, the use of project management at all stages of project implementation, as well as a highly qualified and experienced team of professionals who constantly improve their skills and knowledge to achieve the best results in everything we do.


The Association “Ukrainian Nuclear Forum” was officially established in 2009.

The mission of the “UNF” Association is to be the voice of participating enterprises for the comprehensive development of domestic nuclear energy.

The purpose of the “Ukrainian Nuclear Forum” Association is to coordinate economic activity on issues of sustainable functioning and development of nuclear energy, which is a low-carbon technology for electricity production.