Overview of nuclear energy events for 2023

World Nuclear Fuel Cycle 2023

April 18-20, The Hague, Netherlands

World Nuclear Fuel Cycle (WNFC) is a top-level international forum co-organized by the Nuclear Energy Institute and World Nuclear Association.

The conference provides companies with cutting-edge information affecting the commercial nuclear fuel cycle, with a focus on enhancing the economic competitiveness of nuclear energy. Leading industry experts will provide information and insights that will help you and your company navigate successfully through the complex and changing fuel marketplace. WNFC also provides many opportunities to network with high-level industry executives.


World Nuclear Symposium 2023

6-8 September 2023, London, UK

Top nuclear industry leaders, experts and executives will come together in London, UK to share information and experience that will elevate nuclear energy as a key contributor in the transition to a clean and sustainable world.


The European Research Reactor Conference

16-20 April 2023 in Antwerp, Belgium

The conference programme will revolve around a series of Plenary Sessions dedicated to the latest global developments with regards to research reactor technology and management.  

This year we will also continue our discussion on the future of the supply of medical isotopes. Two interesting technical visits, to IRE and to SCK-CEN, will complement the technical programme.


NUTECH 2023 

20-22 September 2023, Krakow, Poland

NUTECH is a periodic conference, organized every 3 years in cooperation between the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, the Institute of Chemistry and Nuclear Technology in Warsaw, the Polish Nuclear Society (ENS Member Society), and Polish Chemical Society.

It provides an international platform where scientists from all over the world share experiences related to the latest developments in nuclear research and their implementation.


General Conference 2023

25 – 29 Sep 2023, Vienna, Austria

The General Conference consisting of representatives of the IAEA Member States meets in a regular annual session, usually in September, to consider and approve the IAEA’s  budget and to decide on other issues raised by the Board of Governors, the Director General and Member States.