24 October 2016

Yuri Nedashkovsky and Dr. Kris Singh have discussed the state of implementation of the project CSSNF

President of NNEGC “Energoatom” Yuri Nedashkovsky and president of the Holtec International company Dr. Kris Singh have discussed the state of implementation of the project of a centralized repository of spent nuclear fuel (CSSNF). The meeting  place on October 17 in Energoatom office.

“We are very pleased that in the twentieth day of Energoatom, which we celebrate on 17 October our strategic partners with us. I note that for the anniversary of Energoatom Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has made us a welcome gift by providing land for construction CSSNF and access railway “, – said Yuri Nedashkovsky, referring to his American counterpart.

General Director of a separate division “Atomproektinzhiniring” Alexander Rybchuk said to Dr. Kris Singh that the beginning of the active phase of construction work on CSSNF site is expected in March 2017.

“Recently, the State Inspectorate for Nuclear Regulation of Ukraine received a safety evaluation report CSSNF and we expect that within a month SNRCU will give us an answer on this report. At the same time on the ukrainian NPPs are preparing to receive Holtec equipment that will be used for the management of spent nuclear fuel directly to plants, “- said A.Rybchuk.

He is convinced that the first batch of spent nuclear fuel loading into the container system HI-STORM, in which will transported and stored at CSSNF site will be held at the end of 2018.

In turn, Dr. Kris Singh thanked the president Energoatom for the fruitful cooperation in the framework of the project CSSNF facilities. “Our cooperation has been going on for 13 years, and all this time I do not stop surprising the quality of training and skill level of Ukrainian nuclear engineers . I am very pleased that Ukraine will receive the world’s first storage facility for spent fuel, that would be built by the best technology in the world. I hope that in two years we will have a good reason to celebrate – the commissioning of the first stage CSSNF “, – said the president of Holtec International.

An additional agreement  (Appendix number 8) to the contract for the supply of equipment for CSSNF was signed during the meeting of business executives. The agreement provides for the development and implementation of the modified and improved technologies for handling of spent nuclear fuel at power units of Ukrainian NPPs. Supplementary Agreement by Energoatom signed by Alexander Rybchuk and from Holtec International by vice president Riaz Awan.