31 August 2022

Patriotic drawing competition “Ukraine through the eyes of children of nuclear scientists”

In July-August 2022, Yuzhnoukrainsk hosted a patriotic drawing competition “Ukraine through the eyes of the children of nuclear specialist”, the purpose of which was to support young people in difficult times that Ukrainian children are going through now, to promote the personal and creative development of boys and girls, the formation of patriotism and national consciousness, and also unity in relation to Ukrainian values and encouragement of young people to further study Ukrainian history, traditions and culture.

One of the objectives of the competition was to affirm a positive opinion among the public about the peaceful use of nuclear energy. After all, in Ukraine, as in a state with a highly developed nuclear energy, the safety of the population and citizens has always been the fundamental principle of the operation of nuclear power plants and each enterprise in the industry, and the children of nuclear specialist know firsthand about the importance of their parents’ profession and the high responsibility that lies on their shoulders.

In the competition organized by the Separate Subdivision of Ukrainian Nuclear Society in the city of Yuzhnoukrainsk, the works of 46 participants were presented, in which young artists not only competed in artistic skills, but expressed their feelings for Ukraine precisely through creativity, portrayed their thoughts and dreams, including about Victory of Ukraine in the war against the invaders.

All participants of the competition received memorable gifts and prizes from the Ukrainian Nuclear Society and took part in a small celebration of the animators of the event.