3 March 2023

American nuclear society (ANS) awarded Ukainian nuclear workers for Pproviding nuclear safety principles

The American Nuclear Society emphasized that the Ukrainian nuclear workers deserved the award for the outstanding efforts they made to ensure nuclear and radiation safety even in the face of military aggression and attacks on the infrastructure of nuclear power plants.

The American Nuclear Society noted the devotion of the workers of the Chernobyl and Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plants, who, under occupation and under furious pressure, continued to adequately fulfill their duties.

For reference: The American Nuclear Society (ANS, American Nuclear Society), which is a member of the International Nuclear Society Council (INSC), was founded in 1954 as an international professional non-profit organization to promote the development of the nuclear industry. ANS brings together scientists, engineers and specialists in nuclear engineering and related disciplines.

A list of all who have received ANS honors is here:


Source: t.me/energoatom_ua