18 May 2023

Happy Vyshyvanka Day!

On May 18 Ukraine celebrate the most special holiday – Vyshyvanka Day.

Vyshyvanka (embroidered shirt – national Ukrainian clothes) is an unsurpassed symbol of Ukrainian culture. Today, each of us puts on his vyshyvanka with love for the Motherland, regardless of where we are in the world. Vyshyvanka is our common language, which brings us all together, demonstrates to the world our beauty and traditions, imbued with craftsmanship and love for our native land, this is our individuality and national pride.

Every Vyshyvanka that we wear today reminds us of our strong identity and the indestructible spirit of the Ukrainian people, of the unshakable faith in Victory in the struggle for our freedom and independence!

Happy Vyshyvanka Day, Ukrainians!