18 April 2023

Greetings from members of the Ukrainian Nuclear Society on the 30th anniversary of the organization

From the idea of an industry organization, over 30 years, our society has turned into a powerful professional community that unites thousands of members, and the UkrNS has become recognizable and authoritative organization not only in Ukraine, but also abroad.

Speaking of “society” in the context of UkrNS, we always mean not only the union of like-minded people, energy specialists of all generations, not just an organization, but also the real society, brotherhood in which live, work, exchange opinions and discuss real professionals whose destinies have been united by their profession and not indifference to nuclear energy.

We are grateful to each member of our organization for their invaluable contribution to our work and the support of the UkrNS the development of nuclear energy and industry in independent Ukraine.

Congratulations, dear colleagues, on the 30th anniversary of our organization!

Together we are a great force!