21 December 2022

The seminar “Instruments and systems of radiation monitoring” organized by the Research and Production Enterprise “AtomComplexPrylad” with the support of the Ukrainian Nuclear Society was held

The seminar “Instruments and systems for radiation control” was held, organized by the Scientific and Production Enterprise “AtomKomplexPrylad” with the support of the Ukrainian Nuclear Society.

About 60 listeners took part in the event, held online. Among them are experts from various institutions and organizations in the nuclear and related industries, representatives of state authorities, scientists.

Specialists of the Scientific and Production Enterprise “AtomKomplexPrylad” (NVP “AKP”), in particular, its manager and the head of the Separate Subdivision of the NGO “UkrYAT” on the basis of NVP “AKP”, Oleksandr Kazimirov, made presentations.

During the seminar, the students got acquainted with the activities and main developments of the NPP “AtomKomplexPrylad”, in particular, spectrometric systems, devices and methods for ensuring the radiation safety of nuclear power plants, for environmental and radiation control and monitoring, laboratory information systems, in particular, the radiological test management system of AKLAB, as well as listened to a report on software for managing spectrometers and automatic processing of spectra. A separate part of the seminar was devoted to general recommendations for actions after a possible nuclear explosion.

It is not the first time that the NPP “AtomKomplexPrylad” and the NGO “UkrYAT” hold such seminars. Unfortunately, this year, due to the state of war in Ukraine, the event was held in the format of a webinar. The event was scheduled to be held online on December 8, 2022, but was postponed due to technical reasons.

The seminars of the AtomComplexPrylad NPP always arouse great interest among specialists of various industries, because the developments, technologies and equipment of the AKP NPP are widely used in the nuclear, medical, industrial and environmental fields not only in Ukraine, but also in other countries, and the participation in such an event allows you to improve your qualifications and knowledge. At the end of the seminar, all participants will receive certificates of participation.