22 December 2022

A professional holiday of the Ukrainian power engineers

Today Ukrainian power engineers have a professional holiday.

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of the work carried out by thousands of power engineers across our country in this difficult time for us.

After all, today energy is part of the all-Ukrainian front, the purpose of which is to defeat the enemy. Therefore, as never before in the history of independent Ukraine, the value of this work is the highest. We need energy for life, Victory. That is why the enemy is trying to destroy it, and plunge Ukraine into darkness and chaos.

Today, Ukrainian energy workers – high-class specialists, each of whom is doing everything possible to ensure that our country is provided with heat and light, also oppose these insidious actions.

Sincerely, we thank everyone who selflessly works today in this area! We wish them perseverance and strength, endurance and confidence that their work is a great contribution to our Victory and the future of Ukraine!