How to become an UkrNS member


Ukrainian Nuclear Society - an independent public organization numbering in its ranks about 400 individual members.

Why  I want to join the Ukrainian Nuclear Society?

-        I realize the exceptional utility of nuclear energy and the lack of alternatives for its development of the Ukrainian economy.

-       I think that security and ecology are the main vectors for NPP s development

-       I want to publish my works in UkrNS journals

-       I want to participate in symposia, conferences and UkrNS seminars, communicate with experts and colleagues.

How to join us?

Everyone who wants to join the UkrNS primarily must send the completed registration form, which you can download through the LINK, to the Secretariat.

Admission commission reviews the application and makes a decision on the admission.

After You pay the entrance fee, Commission presents (sends by mail) membership card and UkrNS materials.

The rate of individual fees in 2017:

- For all UkrNS members - at least 10 UAH per month or 120 UAH per year

Cash are used to perform the statutory tasks, including business trips, training, seminars, conferences, publishing.