Partner organisations

Vostochniy Mining Processing Plant

 The largest uranium mining enterprise in Ukraine 
Dnepropetrovsk region, Zhovty Wody, Gorky 2 st.
tel: + 38(05652) 9-59-14



State Scientific and Technical Center for Nuclear and Radiation Safety (SSTC NRS)gntc logo

SSTC NRS scientific and technical activity is performed according to SNRIU tasks and is aimed
at improving the regulatory framework, state reviews on nuclear and radiation safety and research in the center’s activities.
Kyiv, V.Stusa Street, 35/37
tel: +3 8(044) 450-05-00


Zaporizhzhya NPP


Europe's largest nuclear power plant
Zaporizhzhya region, Energodar, Promyshlennaya 133 st.
tel : +38 (06139) 5-62-09




KPI Nuclear Power Plants & Engeneering Thermal Physics Department (NPP & ETPh Dept.)


The department has developed research part where the participation of teachers, researchers and students
performed a large amount of research and development works in the field of conventional and nuclear energy,
energy efficiency, improve reliability and safety thermal and nuclear power plants,
development of new highly efficient heat exchangers and methods of their calculation.
Kyiv, Polytechnique 6 "KPI",  NPP and ETPh Dept.

tel: + 38(044) 406-80-98

Research and Production Enterprise  “Atom Komplex Prylad”

Research and Production Enterprise “AKP” -  “Atom Komplex Prylad” (Prylad – “equipment” or “instrument”, ukr.)
was founded in 1989 by scientists, engineers and designers from Academy of Science, research institutions
and production enterprises with objective to design and implement in laboratories and bodies highly reliable
instruments, software, database and automatic information systems for radiation control and radiation monitoring
of foodstuff, water, soil, building material and other samples of environmental and propose to customers the
complex solution with corresponding services: techniques of sample preparation and measuring,
approved with legal way, installation and training.

Kyiv, Magnitogorskaya 1 st.
tel : +38(044) 501 49 07


OJSC Kharkov Scientific Research & Design Institute "Energoproekt"

Today the institute takes part in designing of projects of thermal and nuclear
power plants in Ukraine, Russia, and other countries, steadily expanding its business.
 Kharkov, Moskovsky av. 10/12
 tel: +38 (057) 731-17-88




Rivne NPP8882 503

The RNPP annually produces nearly 19 billion kW/h of electricity that amounts
at 12% of the total electricity production in the country and 21.6 % of national nuclear generation.
Rivne region, Varash
tel: + 38 (03636) 6-43-49




Chornobyl Center for Nuclear Safety, Radioactive Waste and Radioecology ChNPPcentr

The Chornobyl Center started its operation in the area of studying the consequences of the
Chornobyl accident, nuclear and radiation safety, nuclear facilities decommissioning. 
Kyiv Region, Slavutych, 77th Gvardiiska Dyviziya  11 St.
tel: + +38 (04579) 2 30 16



Khmelnitsky NPP23783 html m313ef6ac

Khmelnitsky Nuclear Power Plant (KhNPP) is located in the central part
of Western Ukraine, on the border of three regions, namely: Khmelnitsky, Rivne and Ternopil regions.  
Khmelnitsky Reg., Netishyn, Enerhetykiv Str., 20
tel: +38 (03842) 6-33-50
SSE Chernobyl NPPChNPP logo new
The main tasks of Chernobyl NPP are the following:
• Ensuring of safety nuclear installations operation, facilities for radioactive
wastes management and other equipment of this NPP;
• Safe decommissioning of Chernobyl NPP Units 1, 2, 3 and nuclear power plants of Ukraine;
• Shelter Object transformation into ecological safe system;
• Safety ensuring during management of radioactive wastes accumulated at the site
of this NPP and Exclusion zone of Chernobyl NPP and also wastes generating during decommissioning
and Shelter Object transformation into ecological safe system;
• Safety ensuring during Chernobyl NPP’s spent nuclear fuel management;
• Construction and operation of infrastructure facilities necessary for Chernobyl NPP
decommissioning and Shelter Object transformation into ecological safe system
Kiev region, Slavutich, p/b 11
tel: +  38 (04579) 2-56-70
South-Ukraine NPPavatar
South-Ukraine electric power producing complex (EPPC) is the only in the Ukraine
enterprise which multiply uses basic nuclear and flexing generating pumped-hydrostorage facilities,

and also water resources of the river Yuzhnyi Bug. It is located in the North of Nickolaev region.

Mykolaiv region, Yuzhnoukrainsk

tel: +38 (05136) 4-26-23


State Scientific and Engineering Center of monitoring and emergency response 

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Kiev,  Heroes of Stalingrad ave, 64/56

tel: + 38 (044) 411-75-70 



 Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute of Ecological Problems

logo 18232

Research Institution "Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute of Ecological Problems"
(USRIEP) is one of the leading research institutions in the System of Environmental
Protection of Ukraine and subordinated to the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine.
Kharkiv, Bakulina 6 str.
Separated subdivision "Scientific and Technical Center" i
The purpose of creation Separated subdivision  "Scientific and Technical Center" is formation
in Ukraine complex and effective system of scientific and technical support of nuclear power
which provides optimum use of intellectual and technical potential of scientific and engineering
organizations that services render in the field of use of a nuclear energy and radiating safety.

Kyiv, Khmelnytskogo str., 63

tel: +38(044) 206-97-21



National Science Center Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology 


The basic lines of research work at NSC KIPT are:
- Solid-state Physics. Physics of radiation effects and radiation materials science. Technologies of materials.
- Plasma Physics and controlled fusion.
- Nuclear physics, physics of electromagnetic interactions, physics and engineering of electron accelerators.
- Plasma electronics and physics of high-current beams.
Physics and engineering of heavy charged particle accelerators. New methods of acceleration.

Kharkov, Akademicheskaya St., 1

tel: +38 (057) 335-35-30 

Ukrainian Atom Instruments and Systemslogo
The main area of activities of the corporation is provision of comprehensive equipment performing the following functions:
- Radiation, dosimetric and radio-ecological control and monitoring,
as well as detection and identification of nuclear and radioactive materials;
- safe radioactive waste management;physical protection and radiation safety of RW management facilities;
- checkout of the parameters of the technological environment of industrial enterprises;
- environmental control and monitoring of industrial enterprises and territories that lie in the area of their influence;
- modernization and creation of thermal power plants based on coherent technologies.
Kyiv, Gorkogo str., 152
tel: +38 (044) 501-61-78
Institute for Safety Problems of NPP 10257

The main activities of the Institute:
 - scientific and technical support for activities on transformation the "Ukryttia" into an ecologically safe system;
 - scientific fundamentals of nuclear safety at NPPs and nuclear technology facilities;
 - monitoring of the safety level of nuclear installations;
 - the radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel’s treatment;
- study of the neutron-physical characteristics of nuclear facilities.
Kiyv, Lisogirsika str, 106

tel: + (044) 525-05-86


Representation "TVEL" in Ukraine
Fuel Company "TVEL" is part of the state corporation "Rosatom".
The main activity of the company is the development, productionTVEL logo
and sales (including exports) of nuclear fuel and related non-nuclear products.
The structure of "TVEL" includes large domestic enterprises specializing
in manufacturing, supplying and scientific and technical support of nuclear fuel
at nuclear power plants in Russia, Ukraine, CIS and far abroad.

04071, Kyiv, str. Konstantinovsky, d. 31
Tel .: +38 044 238-68-95
Fax: +38 044 568-59-81