• Jun 30, 2022

A meeting of the scientific and analytical section of UkrNS was held


On June 30, another meeting of the scientific and analytical section of UkrNS took place, during which important aspects of the functioning of the nuclear industry of Ukraine during wartime were discussed.

Members of UkrNS took part in the section meeting - head of the atomic energy department of the Institute of Nuclear Power Plant Safety Problems of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Volodymyr Borysenko, nuclear nuclear energy veteran Viktor Shenedrovych, general director of the research and production enterprise "Atomkompleksprylad" Olexander Kazymyrov, doctor of technical sciences, leading scientist of Ukraine Konstantin Semeyko, as well as representatives of OP "UkrNS" Oleksandr Khomych (Khmelnytskyi NPP), Oleg Ishchenko, Ph.D. (South Ukrainian NPP) and Konstantin Lobach, Ph.D. (OP of OO "UkrNS" in Kharkiv).

During the meeting, the scenarios of the development of the energy complex of Ukraine after the victory in the war, taking into account the destruction of energy facilities by the occupiers, as well as the peculiarities of the work of the nuclear industry in the presence of constant threats of nuclear terrorism, were discussed.

The members of the scientific and analytical section paid special attention to the issue of the protection of nuclear facilities in the conditions of military operations and the seizure of the ZNNP, ChNPP, shelling of the the NSI "Neutron Source". In particular, the members of the section decided to conduct a detailed analysis of acts of nuclear terrorism and develop materials that can be used as part of a review of the existing project threat to nuclear facilities.

The participants of the meeting noted that the nuclear industry will continue to occupy a leading place within the general plan for the reconstruction of Ukraine after the war and play a key role in the energy security and energy independence of the country.


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