• May 9, 2022

STATEMENT By participants of the 7th International Conference on Nuclear Decommissioning and Environmental Recovery INUDECO 2022


27-28 April 2022, Slavutych, Ukraine

On the 24th of February 2022, Russian troops invaded Ukraine. On the same day, the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant and the Exclusion Zone were seized by the Russian aggressor.

Later, the aggressor occupied the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant, and shelled a nuclear facility in Kharkiv – the city of a million residents. Russian cruise missiles were spotted numerous times flying over operating nuclear power plants of Ukraine. Zaporizhia NPP received a hit by tank shells.

Occupation of the Chornobyl and Zaporizhia NPPs has led to the actual destruction of the nuclear security systems of the facilities; of emergency preparedness system; of liability for nuclear damage; to the damage of the system of accounting and control of nuclear materials, and hence the non-proliferation regime.

Unacceptable psychological conditions have been created for the activities of personnel supporting the safety of nuclear installations and the direct threat to their lives. The actions of the aggressor state, a permanent member of the UN Security Council, the founder of the UN and the IAEA can be classified as nothing less than nuclear terrorism.

Given the threat to the safety of nuclear facilities for peaceful purposes caused by the actions of the aggressor – the nuclear terrorist state – against Ukraine, the conference participants:

  1. Insist that the IAEA Director-General and Board of Governors comply with the provisions of Articles III, B.4. and XII.C. of the Statute of the IAEA and demand from the aggressor to immediately eliminate all cases of non-compliance with international conventions and agreements on the physical protection of nuclear material, and report these facts to all Member-States of the Agency, as well as to the Security Council and the General Assembly of the United Nations.
  2. Appeal to international organizations related to the use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes and nuclear safety (Euroatom, WENRA, WANO, ICRP, OECD/ NEA, ENSREG), as well as national nuclear regulators and operating organizations, to strongly condemn the actions of the nuclear terrorist state and to put pressure on its structures with a view to the immediate cessation of acts of nuclear terrorism that pose a direct threat to the safety of nuclear facilities and the prospects for the nuclear energy development.
  3. Invites nuclear regulators and operating organizations to hold consultations to make concrete proposals for measures to prevent state nuclear terrorism, as well as to eliminate the threat of deliberate or unintentional use of weapons against nuclear installations intended for peaceful purposes. We are ready to undertake the organization and coordination of relevant consultations.

The full text of the Resolution of the International Conference and Statement can be found at the links:

 STATEMENT - https://bit.ly/38gWiiz

RESOLUTION - https://bit.ly/3vWJxTn

resolution4  resolution3

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