• Mar 7, 2022

Appeal of veterans of nuclear energy of Ukraine


The twelfth day of the war continues. A real, full-scale war.

Many of us remember World War II, even though we were still children at the time. Never, even in the worst of dreams, could we have imagined that we would have to go through the madness of war and the attack on our country again.

Once again, we are experiencing the bombing of residential areas, the evacuation of hundreds of thousands of people and the deaths of many civilians, including children.

But there is another sad feature. The Russian troops, on the orders of their country's leadership, are seizing nuclear power facilities and cynically declaring further actions.

This is the first time in the history of the world. This situation can lead to unpredictable and catastrophic consequences for large areas and millions of people.

NPP personnel are in a state of stress. We should not be reassured that there are no incidents at the NPP at the moment due to the professionalism and responsible actions of the staff. The threat is exacerbated by the fact that no one can predict possible further inadequate actions by Russian troops.

We, the veterans of nuclear energy, aware of the responsibility for the possible consequences:

  • strongly support the statement of the IAEA Director General in his address to the IAEA Board of Governors convened on March 2, 2022 in connection with the situation in Ukraine;
  • We appeal to the embassies of all countries of the world, including those with nuclear energy facilities, to express their strong position. to prevent such actions in the civilized world;
  • We appeal to the nuclear community of the countries that have nuclear energy facilities to take all necessary actions and measures to persuade the leadership of these states to take all possible and real actions to de-escalate in the area of nuclear facilities;
  • we appeal to all adequate and able-bodied workers of the Russian nuclear industry (we sincerely hope that they still remain and are not blinded by the kremlin's propaganda) to express their position and prevent unpredictable terrible consequences.

Appeal of veterans


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