• Feb 24, 2022

Appeal of the Ukrainian Nuclear Society to the IAEA and WANO regarding the safety of nuclear power plants in connection with the start of active military attacks against Ukraine


We, as Ukrainian nuclear nation, largest industrial organization, appeal to the leadership of international nuclear energy agency and the world association of nuclear operators in regards to the current potential military threat to the Ukrainian nuclear facilities as a result of developing military invasion by the Russian military force.

Ukrainian nuclear industry is one of the largest in world, currently operating 15 active nuclear power plants with the total output capacity of 13.8 GW, as well as nuclear waste and treatment facilities. Any military actions against these facilities can lead to the catastrophic consequences for Ukraine as well as other European countries.

This is why we call on the IAEA and WANO, as international organizations, to make all possible efforts to ensure safety and security to the Ukrainian nuclear industry.

Our common goal is to insure safety and stability for nuclear plants and its operations. Therefore, we need to combine all efforts to prevent any potential threat driven by the current military situation in Ukraine.

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