• Aug 19, 2020

Ukrainian Nuclear Society presents an analytical report «Impact of nuclear industry on the development of Ukraine»


The Ukrainian Nuclear Society conducted a analytical report of the impact of the functioning of the nuclear energy complex on the development of Ukraine. The purpose of the analytical report was to provide a comprehensive assessment of the activities of enterprises of the nuclear industry in Ukraine and determine their overall impact on the economy, social sphere and ecology of our state. The first analytical report was presented in 2019 and prepared jointly with the Ukrainian Nuclear Forum Association (UNF). The research methodology was developed jointly by the Ukrainian Nuclear Society and the "UNF" association.

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The analytical report "Impact of Nuclear Industry on the Development of Ukraine" can be downloaded by THE LINK.

The analysis used the «Measuring Employment Generated by the Nuclear Power Sector» and Total Value methodologies, which, using multipliers and coefficients, provided an estimate of the overall financial performance of the industry, taking into account the entire supply chain, contractors and local communities. As data for the analysis, we used such economic indicators as the number of jobs, the volume of marketable products, taxes paid, GDP, investment volumes, labor costs, deductions for social actions. The researchers obtained basic information from financial statements and other documents of six main enterprises of the nuclear-industrial complex of Ukraine: State Enterprise "NNEGC" Energoatom ", State Enterprise" SSTC NRS ", State Enterprise" VostGOK ", OJSC" Radon Association ", State Enterprise "ChNPP " Chernobyl Center on the problems of nuclear safety, radioactive waste and radioecology".

In 2019, the industry paid taxes to budgets of different levels in the amount of UAH 64 billion, the industry's labour costs - about UAH 40 billion, the volume of capital investments - UAH 70 billion. Nuclear industry enterprises donate almost UAH 9 billion to social actions. (1 USD = aprox 27 UAH)

If we compare these figures with the corresponding articles of the state budget of Ukraine, it becomes obvious that the industry has a significant contribution to the economy. The net income of the nuclear industry in 2019 amounted to almost 4.5% of Ukraine's real GDP. The volume of taxes paid by enterprises of the nuclear industry in 2019 amounted to almost 6% of all state budget revenues, or UAH 64.3 billion. To compare, the 2020 budget assigns UAH 64.6 billion to combat COVID-19 acute respiratory disease caused by SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and its aftereffects. This amount is comparable with the amount of taxes paid by the nuclear industry in 2019 (UAH 64.3 billion).

According to the results of the analytical report, the functioning of the atomic-industrial complex provides an average of 136 thousand jobs, and in the entire production cycle - from the construction of nuclear power plants to the decommissioning of power units, together with the processing of radioactive waste during the entire operation period - about half a million jobs.

In particular, nuclear power features low emissions of contaminants, greenhouse gases, emissions into natural water bodies as compared with thermal power plants, especially coal-fired TPP. That is why Ukraine features high performance indicators in attaining the Sustainable Development Goal No. 7 (Clean and Affordable Energy) and No.13 (Combating Climate Change). The Sustainable Development Report updated and published annually confirms high results achieved by Ukraine in attaining these goals.

Ukrainian NPPs over the entire period of their operation allowed to avoid releasing more than 3 billion tons of СО2 into the environment (taking into account the lifetime extension for 10 NPP units). Additionally, 70 million tons of CO2 would have been emitted annually in case of NPP shutdown.

Therefore, to strengthen economic, energy and environmental security of the country, which is significantly contributed by the nuclear power complex, a state policy need to be established facilitating sustainable development of nuclear power sector, supporting its developmental projects, attracting investment in new nuclear builds and ensuring scientific-technical support of new reactor technologies.

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