• May 20, 2018

Graduation in "Nuclear School of RNPP"

The unique project, which was held for the first time in Ukraine and is new among domestic NPPs, was aimed at popularizing nuclear power engineering, forming a potential personnel reserve of the Rivne NPP and supporting its positive image. The project has become a peculiar platform for the preparation of future energy companies, from the school desk.

The eleventh classmates of the comprehensive educational institutions of the city of Varash and the students of vocational schools of Rivne NPP became eleven students of the "Nuclear School of RNPP". Familiarity with students was also communication with students of specialized universities and young specialists in the power plant. During the cycle of practical lectures with elements of business games students were taught to identify and form managerial skills, taught psychosocial competencies and teamwork skills. As part of the vocational guidance project, the youth visited the information and training centers, the open switchgears of the GRP 110/330 kV and the 750 kV GRP, the central control station of ASKRO and other industrial facilities of the Rivne NPP. Exciting for students was an internship at the workplace of nuclear power plants. The final stage and a highlight of the training program were a study tour to the largest building of RNPP - in the middle of a non-working cooling tower and an exceptional opportunity to visit the reactor unit's roof.

Congratulations to the graduates of the "Nuclear School of RNPP"!

According to materials of Rivne NPP.

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