• May 14, 2018

"Nuclear school of RNPP" started the second semester of training

After New Year's holidays, the work initiated by Pavel Pavlyshyn, CEO of RNPP, restored his work, the educational project "Nuclear School of RNPP", which is supported by the Ukrainian Nuclear Society. The training program in the second semester promises to be extremely rich, interesting and utilitarian.

«Nuclear school of RNPP» started its work in the fall of 2017. During its implementation, the participants listened to lectures of experienced specialists, learned about the specifics of the personnel and equipment, saw with their own eyes how the production units worked and understood the principle of operation of the RNPP. Interesting was the cycle of practical lectures with elements of business games, in which students identified and formed management skills, taught psychosocial competencies and teamwork skills.

«For me, this project is a great opportunity to get information from highly skilled specialists about the principle and peculiarities of the operation of the nuclear power plant, to dispel certain myths about the NPP and to get acquainted with the production in a visible way. I never regretted that I had enrolled in the Nuclear Power Station of Raion. At the moment, I'm confident that my future profession will be connected with nuclear energy, and this decision was undoubtedly influenced by the participation in this project», - the student of the 11th form of the Kuznetsovskaya high school Alexei Podvyshennyi shares his impressions.

The second semester of the "Nuclear RNPP School" started with an introductory lecture. During the meeting with the young men, Igor Vitkovsky, the CEO Deputy of the RNPP, told about the novelties and curiosities of the program, the routes of the planned excursions, as well as the organization of the psycho-physiological examination, which will be held at the following classes.

«Each participant will have an opportunity to evaluate the level of personnel selection during the psychophysiological examination, which each student will be able to go through with the consent of the parents. That is, the students will undergo a routine procedure for newly-arrived employees at RNPP. Also, young people will be trained at positions in the production units of the power plant. Subsequently, a study tour is planned in the middle of a non-working cooling tower - the largest building of the RNPP and an exclusive opportunity to visit the reactor unit's roof».

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