• Mar 27, 2017

The report from the open lecture "The new model of the energy market of Ukraine"

 On March 14, an open lecture "The New Model of Ukraine's Energy Market" was held in the Belka Student Space in Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. The lecturer was Konstantin Zayischikov, head of the Wholesale Electricity Market Council, adviser to the President of the State Enterprise "NAEK Energoatom".

Within the framework of the lecture, the issues of reforming the Ukrainian energy market, tariff liberalization for the population and the subtlety of electricity trade under the new market model were considered. With a video of the lecture and the presentation of the lecturer, you can see the following links: video presentation.

The lecture was organized with the support of the Ukrainian Nuclear Society, the Youth Energy Society and the Student Space Belka

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