• Apr 4, 2017

Opening of the Spring School of NAEK Energoatom

On March 23, the grand opening of the Spring School of NAEK Energoatom took place. This year the school is supported by the Ukrainian Nuclear Society and the Youth Energy Community. The opening of the school took place in the hall of administrative meetings of the long-standing partner of UkrNS - NTUU "KPI  I. Sikorsky ».

The topic of the first lecture was the state policy in the field of nuclear energy: promising investment projects. The speaker was the Director of the Department of Nuclear Energy and the Atomic Industry Complex Grigory Plachkov. The lecture was attended by more than eighty people.

The next lecture, which was held on March 30, was read by the member of the board of UkrNS, Konstantin Zapischikov. The topic of the lecture was nuclear generation and the electricity market. The lecture aroused great interest among students, because the electricity market reform and tariff policy are urgent and controversial issues.

The lecture part of the project "Spring School" will last until the end of April. After that, all the participants will receive a diploma competition and an excursion to one of the Ukrainian nuclear power plants.

The program will be rich and includes performances by the best specialists of the State Enterprise "NAEC Energoatom", SSTC NRS, ChNPP SSE, Ukrainian Nuclear Society and Association "Ukrainian Nuclear Forum"

Reference: The educational project "Spring School" is aimed at attracting active student youth to get acquainted with the current state of development of nuclear power in Ukraine. The event provides for the formation of youth understanding of nuclear energy as a strategic industry for the country through consideration of its technical, socio-economic, environmental and management components. The educational process within the school is organized in the form of open lectures and discussions (before 2:00) students with experts and leading specialists in the field of nuclear energy. In 2017, the Ukrainian Nuclear Society, together with the Youth Energy Community, is the partner of the project for the second time.

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