• Nov 26, 2016

XII International Conference "Problems of modern nuclear power" was held in Kharkiv


On 16 - 18 November, XII International Conference of Ukrainian Nuclear Society "Problems of modern nuclear power" was held in Kharkov National University. There were invited experts from Ukraine, Poland, Kazakhstan, Belarus and other countries.

During three days young specialists from universities, industry enteprises and research centers were sharing with their presentations. Topics dealt with all aspects of the nuclear industry, starting from  nuclear physics and high- energy-particles physics, ending with the  problems of nuclear education.

Very substantial reports were on the first day of the conference. The scientists presented their own achievements in the field of nuclear materials.

Second day was entirely devoted to the issues of Ukrainian NPPs. Topics of extending the service life of plant units and the implementation of security enhancements was raised. Reports were submitted by young professionals of various separate enterprises of SE "NNEGC" Energoatom ", SSTC and others. After a fruitful meeting a bus tour of the  Kharkiv city was organized.

On the last day of the conference young experts were discussed the problems  of nuclear backend. The reports were devoted to the storage of spent nuclear fuel, and the problems of waste management.

The results of the conference summarized the UkrNS Head of Youth Section  Alexander Khomich.

Participants and organizers agreed that such a large, from a scientific point of view, event will certainly need to be carried out continuously in the future. Participation in such events allows young professionals to voice urgent problems in nuclear energy and look for joint ways to solve them, and also get the opportunity for self-realization.

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