• Nov 26, 2016

UkrNS President has signed memorandum of cooperation with the Nuclear Society of Slovenia and the Nuclear Society Czech Republic

The autumn months have been very productive considering the international cooperation of Ukrainian Nuclear Society.

In October 2016  was signed a memorandum on cooperation between the Ukrainian Nuclear Society and the Nuclear Society of Slovenia, and in November a similar memorandum was signed with the Nuclear Society of the Czech Republic in Prague during the international scientific conference "VVER 2016", which was dedicated to the operation of nuclear power plants with water-cooled VVER reactors.

Memorandum on cooperation between companies aimed at fruitful cooperation, carrying out an exchanges and scientific cooperation between the two parties, as well as the promotion of nuclear science and technology for peaceful purposes.

Every country is obliged to inform each other of carrying out the relevant international scientific and technical conferences, as much as possible to facilitate contacts between the respective groups of each of the parties to this Agreement, encourage the exchange of technical information, journals and periodicals.

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