• Jul 21, 2016

XII International Scientific Conference “Problems of modern nuclear energy”

XII  International Scientific Conference “Problems of modern nuclear energy”

Ukrainian Nuclear Society kindly invites students and young scientists to take part in XII International Scientific Conference “Problems of modern nuclear energy”.

The conference will be held on 16 - 18 November 2016 in  Kharkiv city

Conference topics:

-      Nuclear physics and energy;

-      The physics of radiation phenomena and radiation damage of materials;

-      Increased safety and efficiency of operation of nuclear power plants;

-      Extending the life of  nuclear power plants unit, and control;

-      Issues of development of the nuclear energy sector in Ukraine;

-      Nuclear, radiation and environmental safety in the handling of radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel;

-      Public information in the nuclear industry.

Submission of applications - up to August 30, 2016

We look forward to your application!

Main Dates:

August 30 – end of the application and providing theses;

September 15 – the deadline for submission of theses;

November 15 – arrival of the participants;

November 16 – registration, opening and beginning of the conference;

November 17 – closing of the conference.

Main rules for theses design:

Main text must be situated on A4 paper, using Microsoft Office Word program, Times New Roman , 12 size. For formulas – Symbol font. Transfers of words allowed. Title printed in capital letters in bold. Figures should be inserted in the text. References placed at the end of theses.


Arrival of participants is planned in the hotel "Kharkiv" and other hotels in the city.

For all questions:


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